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Transponder Key Programming

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Transponder Key Programming Melbourne

Just about every car in Melbourne today operates with a transponder remote car key which is a far cry from the old way of having a car key and lock system. Most new cars come with two sets of car remote keys these days but sometimes if you buy a used car you may only get one set. Westside Car Locksmiths Melbourne specialise in transponder key programming in Melbourne and Geelong regions for people wanting a new car remote key programmed or an existing car key programming done.


For transponder key programming, Melbourne drivers choose us because we offer super-fast turn around times and very competitive rates. Being a member of the Master Locksmith Association of Australia and fully licensed with the Victoria Police means we fully capable of programming transponder keys in Melbourne for any type of car make or model. Our mobile locksmith vans in Geelong and Melbourne carry the latest technology onboard to be able to do the programming on the spot. We can even supply you with a new car remote key as well.

Being a car owner, you will be well aware of transponder keys, which is one of the latest safety features for your vehicle. Today, most of the cars that are on the road have a transponder key system installed. If you are wondering what exactly is a Transponder Key and why is it important to have one, then we are here to help you.

What is a Transponder Key and it’s significant

A transponder key is much more than just a device used to operate your car. It is also a part of the anti-theft feature of your car which protects it from getting stolen away by being hot-wired. Transponder keys are a combination of responder and transmitter. They come with a microchip installed inside, which is synced with your vehicle’s central security system and a unique serial number. To open your car, you have to press the key. As you do that, the receiver and transponder exchanges signal and with the right code the car opens, ready to be driven by you. If the signal does not match with the code, the ignition will not be released and thus the car will not start. This way it protects the car from potential thieves if they try to open your car with a different key.

Just like your vehicle, your transponder keys also need servicing and programming. There are several issues that you might have to face if there isn’t proper maintenance of your car and transponder keys. At Westside Locksmith we offer all types of transponder key services:

Transponder Key Programming

If you are looking for Transponder Key programming in Melbourne then we have just the right solution for you. Our highly experienced locksmiths specialize in programming transponder key for any car model. With our key programming tools, we can very quickly and efficiently program and reprogram your transponder key without compromising with the functionality of your car.

Transponder Key Replacement

When it comes to replacement of your transponder key, few factors need to be considered. The first thing would be if you still have or using the old key. If you have it, the replacement process becomes easy and quick. All we need to do is extract the transponder chip from your previous key and replace it in the new key. We also use the old key to reprogram the new transponder key. In case you have lost the key, you need not worry. We have the equipment to make a new key from scratch and reprogram it with your vehicle.

Transponder Key Repair

Transponder keys are usually encased in a thick plastic layer. However in case, the top portion of the key is cracked, chances of damage to the chip inside are high. If that is the case then instead of throwing it away, let our professional locksmiths handle it. If the key is salvageable we will repair it. However, if the key is destroyed then we can help by creating a new one for you.

If you have a requirement of Transponder key programming in Melbourne, make sure you get in touch with a professional and genuine service provider who can give you an efficient and economical solution in a short span, thus saving you from the hassle of dealing with key issues.


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