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Car Lock Repairs Melbourne

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In the last two decades, there has been a tremendous advancement in terms of innovation and technology in the automobile industry. Auto companies are coming up with different models of cars that have features, engines and body frame like never before. As the industry advances, it is also important for the technicians to advance their knowledge. When it comes to dealing with today’s car issue, the old ways of repairing is not as effective in new cars anymore. This is where the team at Westside Automotive Locksmiths come in.

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  • Car Ignition Lock Replacement
  • Jammed Car Lock Repairs
  • Car Key Lock Repairs


We are one of the most established car locksmiths located in Melbourne. In the last 25 years, we have built our huge clientele based on quality, affordability and 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of locksmiths are well trained to solve all sorts of car lock-related issues including car lock repairs, car lock replacement, transponder key programming, car key cutting and replacement, just to name a few.

Irrespective of the kind of car you purchase, lock issues are unavoidable. So if you are looking for auto locksmiths, make sure that they can help you with the following issues:

Often people face the issue of their keys breaking in the locks of their cars. This calls for some serious car lock repairs. Melbourne clients always choose us to handle their car lock repairs and replacements because we are the most experienced and most affordable. With proper tools and expert’s help, you can get the lock of your car fixed and also get a new key. Our locksmiths can also change the lock system of the vehicle without damage and make new keys to suit. Make sure that your locksmith is well aware of your car model, its component and functionality.

The damaged car trunk is not only inconvenient but equally unsafe. Without a working lock for your car trunk, you cannot store items inside it as there are chances of it falling off your car while you are driving.

One of the basic issues that car owners face with their cars is a jammed car door lock. With this, you won’t be able to lock your car door which in turn can be a security issue. Hire a locksmith who can help you with a jammed car lock or if required mend the damaged locks.

A situation where you have lost our car keys or misplaced it is not uncommon. One of the easiest solutions is to use your duplicate keys. However, some might not have an extra set of keys for their vehicle which can be a big issue. You can hire a professional locksmith and get duplicate keys for your automobile.

The new cars come with central locking system, which is only operable with transponder keys that are synced to it. In case of malfunction, get your automobile examined by a professional locksmith who is well aware of the technicalities of transponder key, central lock system and can find a solution for your car lock issues.

Car owners spend a huge amount of money when they purchase their choice of cars. Hence, the locksmith you choose for your car lock repairs should be experienced or you might end up paying more due to the damages caused by a mistake or poorly performed car lock repair by an inexperienced locksmith.

Avoid such situation and get in touch with the expert locksmiths of Westside Locksmiths


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