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Locksmiths in Melbourne West & North, Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula

Get your lost car keys replaced with out fast & reliable lost car key replacement Melbourne service. Call our 24/7 mobile automotive locksmith hotline on 0432 123 456 for immediate assistance 7 days a week.


Our car locksmith service carries the latest car key remotes and we can program and replace all types of car transponder keys for all car model types. We service Melbourne West, North, Geelong & Bellarine Peninsula.


Locked out of your car and need a car locksmith fast in Melbourne? Our automotive locksmith service is fast, reliable and affordable. We specialise in car door lock repairs, car key cutting and replacement, car remote programming.



Do you need a lost car key replaced in Melbourne? Has your car remote stopped working? Damaged your car remote key and need it fixed? Call the car locksmith experts at Westside Locksmiths on 0412 282 282 for immediate assistance. 

With over 25+ years working as an automotive locksmith in Melbourne, we have all the latest equipment and technology needed to program and replace all models of car transponder keys. Just about all vehicles, these days have car key remotes (transponder keys) to open and close them. Most late model cars don't even require you to put the key in the ignition to start it, you just need to have the transponder car key close to the car computer system for it to start.

Like all technology, car key remotes will eventually need to be replaced due to either damage or wear and tear. Every day we help customers in Melbourne with our automotive locksmith Melbourne services be it for a transponder key programming, car key replacement, car key repair, re-keying or lockouts, especially with older cars.

If you have lost your car keys or cannot find your spare set and need help getting into your car then we cal help. Westside Automotive Locksmiths operate throughout Melbourne Western & Northern Suburbs, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula areas.

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Looking online using the terms "transponder car key programming near me" and can't find anyone local that does it at a reasonable price. Westside Automotive Locksmiths Melbourne & Geelong are your local car key programming specialists with over 25 years experience in the car locksmith industry in Melbourne's Western & Northern suburbs. We also provide mobile car locksmith services in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula as well.

If you've lost or damaged your car remote key and need it programmed to work with your car then we can come to you and do it on the spot. All our vans carry the lastest car transponder key programming equipment which means we can quickly and easily program your key to work with your new car right away. We can program transponder keys for all the latest car makes and models. Don't stress if you don't have a spare key as we can supply one for you.

As an experienced and licensed car locksmith, Melbourne clients trust us to deliver the best service at the best price, which is what we do. Westside Locksmith transponder car key programming Melbourne specialists can come to either your home, work or wherever you are. Our mobile car locksmith Melbourne service runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And if we can't get out to you we'll contact another team in our network to assist you. When it comes to automotive locksmith services we are the best. 

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Westside Locksmiths is your one-stop locksmith for all things automotive, including the programming of transponder keys. We can even get you going when you have lost all your keys. Based in Altona our mobile car locksmith services cater to clients in need of a car locksmith in Melbourne Western & Northern suburbs, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula areas. Whilst we specialise in everything automotive locksmith related:

  • Car Key Cut & Duplication
  • Lost Car Key Replacement
  • Car Unlocking
  • Spare Key & Remotes
  • Smart Keys
  • Flip Key Conversion
  • Car Key Remote Programming
  • Ignition & Door Lock Repair & Replacement
  • Transponder Key Programming

If you need a specialist car locksmith late at night when you are locked out of your car or have lost your car keys the team at Westside Locksmiths Melbourne will be able to assist you. We pride our service on being able to provide fast, reliable and affordable automotive locksmith services throughout Melbourne's West, North, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula.  

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Westside Automotive Locksmiths Melbourne
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Mobile Car Locksmith Services

Westside Automotive Locksmiths Melbourne is an independently owned professional firm that has 25 years of experience in providing high-quality automotive locksmith solutions. Since the establishment of this firm, we have continued to provide excellent quality and services. Achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our main goal and therefore over the years, we have put constant effort in updating ourselves with the skills and technology and catering to every requirement that comes our way.

We at Westside Locksmiths offer an array of locksmith solutions. Following are some of them:

 - Automotive Locksmith: At Westside Locksmiths we have professionally trained locksmiths who can provide you with all kinds of solutions related to car locksmith solution. To avoid any damage to your automobile, we use industry level tools and equipment for unlocking cars and any other automotive issues.

 - Car Key Replacement: Be it a regular key or a transponder key, Westside Locksmiths are fully equipped to provide you with the best solutions. We can also help you with changing the lock of the car of any model.

 - Transponder Key Programming: Professional car locksmiths at Westside Locksmiths offer Transponder key Programming and Key Replacement solutions. We not only help in syncing your transponder key with your car’s central security system but also offer a replacement in case of theft of your keys.

 - Immobiliser ECU Resetting: Security of our customer and their automobile is our priority and therefore we make sure we provide you with every solution that will ensure it. Our auto locksmiths are trained and specialized in Immobiliser ECU resetting for all kind of cars

 - Supply and Program of Car Key Remote Controls: Today, most of the cars can be locked and unlocked with a remote control which is connected to the car’s central locking system. Our professionals can help you with the programming of your car’s remote control key and even replace your key by reprogramming your key.

 - Ignition Lock Repair: Ignition locks are a great way of ensuring the safety of the driver of a car, wherein the driver needs to give a breath sample. The system measures the alcohol level of the person and the car starts only if the amount does not exceed the pre-programmed level. Therefore, your ignition lock must be fully functional. We can provide you with the most economical and quick solution for Ignition lock repair for all sorts of cars.

 - Broken Key Removal: A broken car key is the last thing you would want to deal with in your hectic schedule. At Westside Locksmiths we can not only help you with the removal of the broken key from the lock of your automobile but also make a new one.

 - Emergency Locksmith: You can call us anytime day or night and we will book you in to help you with your emergency.

 - Cut and Replace Car Keys: From cutting keys to replacing your original keys, we at Westside Locksmiths provides all sorts of requirement when it comes to automotive locksmith services.

Westside Locksmiths have a strong reputation for great prices and quality. Our business spans across Melbourne, Western & Northern suburbs, Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula, which speaks for itself our trusted clientele that we have built all these years.

Call 0412 282 282 for the most reliable, on-time, affordable and the best locksmith.












Brett knows his stuff. I called up and described the issue over the phone. Right away he knew what was wrong and came out and fixed it within the hour. Highly recommended!


Fast, reliable and very affordable pricing. My car key remote wouldn't work and Westside Automotive Locksmiths Melbourne came out and re-programmed the key on the spot. Great service!


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